Loyalty Services


Provides support and guidance that one needs to manage personal finances.

This is a comprehensive financial wellness programme that provides support and guidance that one needs to manage personal finances effectively. The support process is a personal experience that supports clients across areas of financial well-being through access to the relevant expertise that gives individuals skills and knowledge to navigate their way out of common financial challenges.

This is a financial intervention programme which assists the client greatly as it engages customers to be aware of the dangers of being over-indebted; not making the right decisions and most importantly, it highlights how they got into debt in the first place…


A dynamic product that provides you with comprehensive legal assistance service to the member and his/her immediate family.

  • 24/7 legal assistance- a qualified lawyer, legal consultants and academics provide you with amazing service.
  •  Advice-Members and their family have access to a 24 hour legal advisory service..
  •  Free standard legal documents- such as purchase/sale, lease agreement, power-of-attorney, will, domestic employment agreement, anti-nuptial agreement etc.
  •  30 minute free consultation- this service involves a free initial 30 minute consultation should any matter require legal action. 
  • Letter of demand- the lawyer or consultant will write a letter of demand on behalf of the member; this is limited to one letter per event… 
  • Find a lawyer- if the matter requires litigation, the team of experts will asses all the facts and circumstances and research the matter thoroughly. This benefit includes expert investigation and research into the matter in order to empower a member to make the….. correct decision when choosing an attorney. 
  • A hassle-free procedure- a quick and easy procedure is available to clients with the assistance of a contact support centre and professionally trained lawyers.